Diagnose Car Problems

Hands of mechanic working in auto repair shop.
Hands of mechanic working in auto repair shop.

You don’t need to be an automobile engineer to diagnose car problems. All you need is to understand the working of a car, at a basic level and observe its functioning keenly. A willingness to understand the beauty of a machine, which is your car, and a capacity for keen observation, is all that is needed to diagnose car problems.

Tips on Diagnosing Car Problems

The modern automobile is a complex machine. Understanding every single working part of this machine, in thorough detail, is not possible unless one is willing to study it. To learn how to diagnose car electrical problems, one does not need to go into excruciating details. All you need to have is a general idea of the various important systems that make the car work and the symptoms of problems related to those systems. Here are some tips.

Understand the Basic Working of a Car
To learn how to diagnose car trouble, one must get acquainted with all the subsystems of a car that

Power Steering Repair

Power Steering RepairThe problem, if nothing minor, is almost always a fluid leak. The leak can happen slowly, causing you to lose more and more control over the steering. In this case the leak is small and slow. In some rare cases the leak can be much bigger, and you lose a lot of control over the steering over a short period of time.

Before we proceed, a word of caution. Under no circumstances will you touch the parts of the power steering fluid system just after driving around. They are designed to sustain and dissipate all the heat generated while working, which is a lot. So wear protective gloves at all times.

Causes of Power Steering Problems

A power steering system is nothing but a hydraulics-assisted mechanism as opposed to the older, purely mechanical system, which gained its power from the driver’s physical effort. The most common cause of power steering failure is a leak. A fluid is the main working component of a hydraulic system. When the pressure on this fluid is increased or decreased, it causes the system to work. There is

Car Audio Troubleshooting

car audioImagine getting a new stereo system installed in your car, but it doesn’t work properly. Car audio problems are common nowadays, the reasons for which can be varied, like loose wires, problem with the amplifier, or problem with the stereo. Such problems can also cause the speakers to produce a popping or crackling sound. However, there are some steps that can be taken to diagnose and repair these problems.

The first thing you would need to do is to find the source of the problem. There can be many things at fault, such as cables, audio amplifier, or speakers. Make sure that everything is properly connected between the speakers, stereo, and the amplifier. Disconnect the wire that connects the stereo and amplifier, but do not unplug the cable connecting the amplifier to the speakers. If the problem still persists, the amplifier might be at fault. But if the problem is solved, simply disconnect the wire from the radio. If the problem still persists, then the connecting cable probably needs a replacement.

The stereo system also won’t work if there is a loose or

Motorcycles Automatic Transmission

Generally, you will observe that most people who want to learn how to ride a motorbike mainly worry about the gear changing task. If you are one of them, auto-transmission can solve your problem. As the name suggests, these are motorbikes that do not include the standard gear transmission setup that also involves a clutch. These non-geared motorbikes are the best choice for people who want to learn how to ride, or even for those who do not want to worry about changing gears while riding.

Honda DN-01
The Honda DN-01 is a cruiser manufactured by Honda that was made available for commercial use in 2009. This is one of the best auto-transmission motorbikes available in the market to be ridden on roads. It has a liquid-cooled 680 cc V-twin 8 valve engine, with a 43.3 bhp. It reaches a speed of 60 mph in 7.4 seconds and tops the speed at 113.1 mph. It is fitted with the revolutionary Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which is referred to by the manufacturers as “Human Friendly Transmission”. The latest price reported is around USD 15,600. With a total fuel capacity of 4.0 gallons, it gives about 42.3 mpg.

Aprilia Mana 850 GT

Compression Ratio

Compression is squeezing something so that it occupies a smaller volume. Ratio is the proportion between two quantities or numerical values. The basic unit of an engine assembly is a combustion chamber and piston combination. This ratio is a proportion which denotes the degree of compression achieved, in an internal or external combustion engine, when the driving pistons compress the air-fuel mixture in every engine stroke. It is a ratio of air-fuel mixture volume, when a piston is at the end of its up-stroke, to the air-fuel mixture volume at the end of its down stroke, in a combustion chamber. It is a measure of the air-fuel mixture compression and density achieved, in every engine stroke.

The combustion chamber is a cylinder, which is fed with a mixture of air and vaporized combustion fuel. A piston is placed inside the combustion chamber and it makes up and down movements, according to pressure applied. The air-fuel mixture, fed inside the combustion chamber, is ignited, when you turn on the ignition of the car.

The explosive combustion makes the piston move up and every time it comes down, it compresses the air-fuel mixture again, igniting it in the process. The thrust provided

Remove Carbon Fiber Decals

Customizing cars has always been a great hobby for people. In more recent years, the use of vinyl decals has become a popular way to customize vehicles without the commitment of a paint job. Among those decals, carbon fiber has become popular as a way to not only protect your vehicle, but also give it a brand new look. While many have covered the basics of how to install carbon fiber, very few think of the removal process, so we’ve decided to cover it for you here.

Whether the material has faded, ripped, or you just decide you want to change things up, you want to be sure you are careful when removing any decal so as not to damage the paint job underneath or leave sticky residue. The key to decal removal is patience. The process is not very difficult, but will take time so it’s best not to rush so you can avoid any accidents.

Much like the application process, it is best to start with heat. Most professionals will use a heat gun, but a hair dryer will suffice if need be. You need to work in sections when heating the decal, it’s

Mechanical Fuel Pump

Heard that you are a regular and a very faithful user of your car?! Time and again the need for you to use your four wheeler occurs, right? Perhaps, you must be maintaining it very well! Many, just like you, are very particular to adapt to preventive measures for maintaining their vehicle. Well, that’s good news as they would never be betrayed by their vehicle in the middle of nowhere! But not all people are so priggish to give their vehicle for maintenance every few months. Such ignorance and carelessness basically leads to several car problems, one of which is a mechanical fuel pump problem. Although this is the most unexpected and uncommon problem from all the expected ones, it seems that you cannot turn a blind eye since your vehicle has faced one. So the fact is to troubleshoot the problem and repair it at the earliest. How? Look further below, but before that let’s have a brief discussion on the entire working of the mechanical pump in a vehicle.

Basics and Working

Back in the old days, vintage cars had a fuel pump that worked on the system of gravity as well as on the system of a

Automatic Transmission

Car models with automatic transmission produced initially were very simple, as they were more dependent on their mechanical components. The new breed of automatic transmission cars, however, depend on a host of components – mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic – all working in perfect synchronization. In fact, this perfect synchronization is the key to your car transmission, and disruption of the same is what causes your automatic transmission to falter.

Diagnosing problems with the transmission is much more easy when it is a manual transmission, as rough shifting of gears is the most obvious symptom of the same. When you try to shift gears manually, the ease with which you shift will tell you if the shift is smooth or not. You immediately take the car to an authorized mechanic where the fault is rectified, causing a minimum dent to your pocket. Unfortunately, this is usually not possible with an automatic transmission, which is considered to be a disadvantage of this transmission type.
The symptoms of transmission problems in this type only become obvious after considerable damage is done – which can be a bit too late; chances are that the damage can be major and cost you a hefty

Tips Car Painting

The auto industry has been a major victim of the recession. If you are thinking of cutting down on your expenses, then your car is sure to be the first victim. You start neglecting the minor problems of your car, forget giving it an expensive paint job.

Tips and Techniques

Step 1: Gathering Material
Make a list of things that you will need, beforehand, and keep them ready. Here is a list of things that you will need.
Plastic sheets or waterproof canvas for covering the car.
Sandpaper for sanding down the surface of the car.
Primer (the quantity depending upon the size).
Paint. There are two types of paint, cellulose based and two pack automotive paint. Choose the type of paint depending upon the age of the car. For old, classic cars, it is preferable to use cellulose based paint, and for newer cars, it is preferable to use two pack automotive paint.
Clothes, mask and goggles for covering all the exposed areas of the body.
Sprayer for spraying the paint on the car.
Clear coat kit to give the finished look to the car.
Step 2: Cleaning
It is absolutely imperative to work on a clean car,

Business of Automotive Repair

To start with any business, the most essential pre-requisites are, capital, complete knowledge about the technical and commercial aspects of the business, considerable experience of working at the grass root level and enough space to set up the business. Apart from this, strong determination, patience, urge to compete and move ahead in the business and most importantly, an ability to learn new things and take calculated risks, are a few important qualities required to become a successful businessman.

Opening up a business is the first step towards turning into an entrepreneur and become an ’employer’, rather than remaining an ’employee’. You might have assisted some other mechanic for a few years, but now it is your turn to begin with your own business and thus, stand out distinctively in this enormous competition. This kind of business is not child’s play. You need to plan a lot and then move further to launch your business.

Opening an Auto Repair Business

How to run a successful auto repair business? Well, planning, organizing, managing and sustaining the four most important pillars, holding the success of any business and automotive repair ones is not an exception to it. You will be facing ups and downs,

Range Rover Exhaust Systems

Range Rover is an unusual combination of great looks with an unbeatable array of off the road and on the road capabilities. Exhaust systems of vehicles are varied and each holds its unique place in the automobile industry. The Range Rover exhaust system is no exception to this rule. However, the quality and impeccable delivery is what sets these exhaust systems to be a class apart from the others. It gives you great levels of power output, sound levels and appearance all in one unbeatable package. Thus it greatly enhance the overall look of the vehicle too.

These are one such up gradation to the existing systems that are prevalent in the market in recent times. These systems are high-end and are principally designed for premium cars.

We can see how these systems help in lowering the repairs and re-installations and ultimately benefit the Range Rover or the Land Rover cars –

Improves performance and saves money

The exhaust system of Range Rover are a bit apart from other ordinary exhaust systems. These systems deliver the best performances and give you great services over years. These systems are designed for power refinement that will

Custom Car Painting

There was a time when automotive paints were very limited as far as the shades of colors were available. Cars in the earlier days were available either in basic white or black shades. But as the demand for the colors grew, so did the experimentation for the same as far as car manufacturers were concerned.

Today, car painting does not mean choosing only the right shade. One has to consider factors such as whether the paints are rust-free and scratch-proof. There are many different qualities available. Here, cost is also an important factor. For example, the polyurethanes are generally at a higher end. There are also lower-grade qualities available of this kind. This is because of a certain pigment used in them that makes it a tad expensive. The least quality is that of the acrylic enamels. The difference between them, apart from the price factor, is the durability of the paint. If you take a trip through any company that specializes in custom car paint jobs, you can get a variety of such paints available with their various categories and prices.

Every painter has his/her own recipe. People have even known to change the basic look of the car

Car Tune-up

efore the emergence of electronic systems in cars, a tune-up would normally include repairs of the ignition, engine controls, and fuel injection, which are nowadays undertaken by electronic adjustments.

A modern car tune-up should include processes of preventive maintenance, analysis of performance and minor adjustments, which might be causing driving problems. If conducted properly, a car tune-up usually helps in making the drive smoother, increasing mileage, and preventing any minor problems and symptoms such as poor fuel economy, low power, stalling engine, and ignition problems of the vehicle from getting serious.

Complete Car Tune-Up Checklist

The tune-up of a car can be broadly classified into minor, moderate, and major types, which can include one or more of the following procedures.
Checking the operation of safety accessories such as lights, wipers, tires, indicators, horn, etc.
Replacing the spark plugs and rotors.
Checking all belts and hoses for wear and tear.
Checking, adjusting, or replacing the distribution cap and ignition timing mechanism of the engine.
Checking the levels of engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission and power steering fluid.
Checking the wires and performance of the ignition unit, and replacing it if needed.
For cars with carbureted engines, checking the functioning of

Cost Repair Transmission

Your car’s transmission system is one of the most vulnerable parts when it comes to car problems. If you want your vehicle to have a good transmission system, you need to take proper care of it and immediately get the issue diagnosed, if there arises a problem.

Determinants of Transmission Repair Cost

Car Parts and Replacement Need
When it comes to transmission repair cost estimate, it totally depends on whether the parts have to be repaired or replaced. One of the most important cost determinants is the type of car you have, as the technology in cars manufactured nowadays is very complicated and need extensive testing to get the actual problem diagnosed. In addition to the basic cost, there may be many small expenses which you would only realize that you have to pay after the minor costs are incurred. Therefore, whenever you think of the costs, you have to consider that the expenses might as well go beyond your approximate estimates.

Labor Expenses
The main determinant apart from the car parts expense is the labor costs. Normally, labor costs may vary from locality to locality, and have a big impact on the aggregate repair cost. Before getting the transmission repair

Auto Repair Insurance

Each time your car breaks down, does the repair cost make a hole in your pocket? If yes, why not go for auto repair insurance. Whenever your car breaks down, the insurance companies pay for the repair costs. You just need to pay a premium every month, which most people prefer than paying a lump sum amount at one go. There are numerous such policies like mechanical breakdown insurance, extended warranty insurance, etc. Depending on which one you opt, payment for repairs would be done as per the terms and conditions of the policy. This insurance differs from other auto insurance, as in this, the car need not be damaged as a result of collision. Many times, the car just breaks down due to wear and tear of some part or the other, and this is where it can help you.

Things to Consider
While thinking of buying such insurance, ensure that you get the proper repair estimates, and go through what other people have to say on the services of a particular company. It would help you to find out the best deals that fit in your needs. Today, there are several websites, where actual people comment on

Tips Upgrading Car’s Audio System

Listening to music while traveling in a car has become a norm these days. If you are driving a car from the last decade, there are more chances of the car stereo being outdated. Young drivers generally prefer their cars to be fitted with the best audio systems for in-car enjoyment, as they mostly prefer listening to loud music. Along with the development of technology in audio systems, nowadays you will find a variety of systems housing the latest technologies. While upgrading, you need to keep in mind some considerations to decide on the most suitable setup. But let us first take a look at the sound system parts to be thought about before deciding on an upgrade.

Car Audio System Parts

If you want the best performance from a car’s audio system, instead of replacing individual parts; you may consider a full upgrade of the set. The main part of a car stereo system is the head unit which is incorporated on the dashboard. Modern systems consist of a CD/DVD player, USB connectivity, radio receiver, and a small amplifier. The amplifier is a second system connected to the head unit. It does the job of amplifying signals from the

Transmission in Cold Weather

Cold weather conditions often cause a lot of car problems starting from the ignition, to tires, to fuel lines, and eventually leading to a dead engine or dead battery in a car. In cold weather, most of the time, a car’s engine is the hardest to deal with, in terms of ignition and starting, and on the other hand, the battery runs out, because the chemical reaction in the battery slows down miserably. Another problem worth mentioning is the thickening of the fluid oil. It becomes dense to a major extent and creates a lot of friction in the starter motor. This in turn affects the efficiency of the car’s engine too! An automatic transmission system installed in a car is known to be a more reliable system these days. However, the occurrence of these problems is a very common issue, and in case you reside in an extremely cold country, troubleshooting is a primary option.

What is a Transmission System

The transmission is situated right next to the engine and acts as the vehicle’s most vital internal system. It directly deals with the engine’s efficiency and smooth functions. This component makes it possible to create speed variations in the

Troubleshooting Car Problems

Owning a car is no doubt a boon, but it comes with its share of problems as well. There are high chances that you are going to encounter some problems with the car, and the best one can hope for is that these do not occur while you are traveling. Car problems can range from the simple to the frustratingly complex, which can at times baffle even the most experienced mechanics. Thankfully, not all of these are very complex, and troubleshooting car problems can help you get on the road again in fairly quick time.

Remember though, that for most car problems it takes a while to get repaired, and will, in all likelihood, have to be taken to a garage, or if you are on the road, towed away. Given in this article are some of the common problems that all cars face in their lifetime, and tips on how you can detect the same. This will not only help in checking if everything is fine before you go for that road trip, but will also give you some basic knowledge about what is wrong with your car, and what you can expect your mechanic to

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

One of the main purposes of automotive air conditioning is to make you feel as comfortable in your car as you would feel in your bedroom. However, the fact is that your car’s air conditioning is quite different from the air conditioning present in your bedroom. At the same time, it is more prone to problems and difficulties. There is no need, however, to take it to the service center each time some such problem occurs. You can look into many of these things yourself, or solve the problem by replacing some parts. Given below is a basic troubleshooting guide.


  • ¬†1. ¬†Blower Fan Problems

    When a blower fan problem occurs with your air conditioning, the most significant thing that will happen is that cold air will not circulate within the vehicle. You will have to check out the functioning of the blower fan. This is done as follows. Put the AC of your car on. Then start the blower fan and put it at maximum. If this blower fan is fine, you should hear it blowing clear and loud. If you cannot hear it, or if the sound is muted, then the blower fan needs repair or replacement.


Salary of Technician Automotive

The job of an automotive technician is one which demands the most technical capabilities from a person. The demand for cars is increasing, so is their manufacturing, usage, problems, and hence, the services of these professionals are in much demand.

The importance of an automotive technician is known to people who have experienced car breakdowns or car problems. As the name denotes, these are experts whose main responsibility is to repair vehicles and automobiles. They inspect the problems and carry out repair jobs and other maintenance tasks. They are well-versed in every aspect of a car engine, the possible problems that can occur, and what repair tasks need to be performed. Nowadays, automotive technicians even have specializations in problems related to engines, brakes, body, and other significant parts of a vehicle.

Job Description
As automotive technicians can be employed in a particular facility or even be self-employed, their duties and responsibilities may differ accordingly. However, there are a few fundamental tasks that they have to do.

When the car comes to the garage for a repair, they draft a rough vehicle damage and repair estimate. They discuss the problems with the owner, and ask questions that will help them realize the